The memorial is being designed in such a way to honor all those who served alongside the Marine as Fleet Marine Force Corpsmen.  It is intended to be a place of honor and reflection, a place of recognition of the duties performed and the bonds forged in conflict.

These men and women who have served at the side of the Marine are a breed among themselves, forged in the training and the experiences that they have shared with the Marines.  They have treated others while suffering injury themselves.  They have carried wounded from the battlefields while under fire.  They have saved lives and given their own without hesitation. They have comforted, treated, and cared for thousands in the rank of the Marines, and yet they have not asked for any glory for themselves, except the honor to serve.

World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, and so many other places where Marines have come under fire, Corpsmen have been there to do their duty... to do their best, to bring the Marines home alive.


This is why we now choose to honor them.  The NC Corpsmen Memorial will be built near the entrance to Camp Johnson, Jacksonville, North Carolina in Memorial Park.  The memorial will feature one of a kind original statues forged in tribute to the FMF Corpsmen.  The walkways will be paths of honor paved with bricks cast with the names of Corpsmen who gave their lives to serve the Marines. read more